Fastest way to cut even strips of fabric

Fastest way to cut even strips of fabric
Cutting has always been my Achilles heel.
Haha, now you might laugh a little and think that it's not that difficult. 🙈
But during my time as a student, my friend Paulina often stated that I should take a cutting course because everything I cut turned out so crooked. 😅
Okay, maybe it's not that dangerous with my cutting 😁 (and actually I think it's more about my patience than my cutting skills 🤓) but cutting fabric like that evenly and nicely has never been my strong point.
So cutting 6-7 meters of 20 cm wide strips for the frill baby nest I'm working on and developing is perhaps not exactly my favorite thing to do. 💩
BUT, there is a little hack that makes this process HUGELY easier!
Some woven fabrics, e.g. ordinary cotton fabric (think sheets and duvet covers) can be torn.
Oh yes – RIVE!
And it will be 100% straight every time! 🤯
All you have to do is cut a small notch where you want to start your strip, and off you go!
It almost feels too easy to be true.
In this video I show how I tear a 6 cm wide strip, and it is exactly 6 cm both where I start and where I end. 😳
Take that cutting school - right Paulina ;)
However, this trick does n't work on knitted fabrics, and not on all woven fabrics either (it depends on how the fabric was woven and in which material, but it's a bit overpriced I feel, hehe), but sheet fabric is an excellent example of a fabric that works !
So for those of you thinking of sewing a ruffled baby nest: if you, like me, don't like cutting long strips of fabric, consider using a plain cotton fabric, you'll get away with it a whole lot easier! ;)
Have you ever tried this little hack? 😍
I also use this hack when I have to sew my own ribbons for various projects (including the On-the-Go Diaper Bag, Ekis and Snuttisen)
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