IKEA Antilop Makeover

I'm a DIY enthusiast through and through, always wandering around stores thinking, "Hmm... I could probably make that myself instead of buying it!" And even though it's usually both more challenging, more time-consuming (and even more expensive :') ) to DIY things, I often find myself going down that path. Anyone relate? <3

SO, when it was time for us to start thinking about which high chair to buy, I was much more sold on the idea of ​​sprucing up the good old (and downright ugly) Antilop instead of buying a much more expensive "already nice" version (I mean - why make it easy for yourself?! hehe).

I found a company on Instagram that sells SUPER stylish accessories for the Antilop high chair (+ tons of other cute baby gear!) and ordered adhesive vinyl for the legs, silicone placemats for the tray, and a footrest. Then I sewed a whole bunch of new cushion covers for the support pillow in various patterns that matched the placemats.

Adhesive Vinyl for Legs (Maple): Yeah Baby Goods | Silicone Placemats (Coastal Greige): Yeah Baby Goods | Cushion Covers: My own pattern | Footrest (Maple): Yeah Baby Goods

And just like that, our high chair got a major facelift – quick, easy, and way cuter than before! 😊

If you're feeling inspired to give your own high chair a makeover and want my cushion cover pattern, you can find it in my online shop here. There are also tons of other baby-related patterns to choose from!

Oh, and hey – feel free to tag me in your makeover pics – I live for those DIY before-and-afters!

Happy crafting! ✨

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