Badis – a hooded baby bath towel with bear ears

The bathing pattern was by far one of the most popular patterns last year in Syjuntan, and now it's making a comeback in the pattern shop!

Badis is a baby bath towel with a hood and bear ears that is sewn in waffle fabric. It is approx. 100x100cm in size and is perfect for both the smallest babies and children up to approx. 2 years old.

Badis are also a wonderful gift to give to new parents!

This time the PDF pattern does not come alone, but has been joined by 3 other formats! You can now buy the Bath Pattern as either

  • PDF pattern : The pattern is delivered as a .zip file to your email inbox immediately after purchase and contains step-by-step instructions with accompanying images as a PDF file, a pattern sheet for home printing (3 pages in A4 size) and a pattern sheet for printing at e.g. printing office (1 page A2 size).

  • Printed: The pattern is delivered physically to your mailbox and contains a booklet with step-by-step instructions with associated images and a pattern sheet in approx. A2 size.

  • Printed + PDF: The PDF pattern is delivered to your email immediately after purchase and the printed pattern is delivered physically to your mailbox.

  • Material kit : Everything you need to get started. The material kit contains:
    • A printed booklet with step-by-step instructions and associated images
    • A printed pattern sheet in approx. A2 size
    • Waffle fabric for 1 Badis (color: greige)
    • A piece of ribbon for hanging
    • Matching sewing thread
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You need

Waffle fabric, 100 cm (140 cm wide)
I recommend a waffle-like towel fabric with approx. 0.8 cm squares. Make sure it's machine washable but don't wash it before you start. It is much easier to sew Badis in an unwashed waffle fabric.

Ribbon, approx. 15 cm
For example. cotton or linen ribbon. This ribbon will be used to hang the towel, so choose a ribbon that is machine washable.

Other things that are good to have:
Fabric scissors, marking pen, buttons/clips and matching sewing thread.

Psst..! In my shop there is a material kit for you who do not want to search for all the material yourself.

Interesting resources for those who want to sew a Badis

Regarding sewing marks

It is possible to sew decorative stitching marks onto Badis, and they definitely add value to the final product.

But keep in mind that we are sewing in an unwashed fabric that will shrink approx. 5% in the first wash.

If you want your Badis to have a sewing mark that lasts, I therefore recommend that you sew the mark on after the first wash.

Otherwise, you can do like me and sew on temporary marks "for the sake of presentation". These need to be removed before the first wash - but can of course be sewn back on afterwards if you want. 

Don't forget to tag me @BySandramaria and use the hashtag #BadisBySandramaria if you upload pictures of your Badis on social media! I look forward to seeing how your Badis turns out!

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