DIY Bed canopy for cot - super quick and easy!

If you want to cuddle your baby's bed a little extra, one of the most effective (AND easiest AND fastest) ways is to hang a bed canopy above.

The bed canopy automatically gives the baby bed its own place in a room and makes the bed not feel "stuck in there". Whether the baby sleeps in the same room as you or has its own room, the bed canopy can create a small "room within the room" and give the bed a more obvious and anchored place where it stands. In addition, the bed canopy is a super cuddly detail that gives the bed both a cozy and cozy feel.

If you have a couple of old curtains at home that you can use, you can do this in half an hour. AND you've saved several twenties at the same time - because of course bed canopies can be expensive when you google around! :O

This bed canopy is really easy to throw together - and it's a perfect project for you who are still trying to make friends with your sewing machine.

Custom-made bed canopy above stokke sleepi cot. Free pattern on simple bed canopy.

You need

  • two curtains with channel for curtain rod

  • sewing machine

  • sewing thread to match the curtains

  • an embroidery ring

  • Fishing line or other sturdy yarn

  • pointed needle that fits the yarn

Do this

01. Sew a seam in the lower part of the existing channel to make another narrower channel (approx. 3 cm).

(If you don't have a curtain with a channel, you can first fold down the upper edge 10cm to sew a channel and then do step 01.)

02. Thread the curtains onto the embroidery ring and tighten the ring. Hide the turnbuckle inside the channel.

03. Cut 5 long pieces of yarn and use the needle to thread the ribbons through the curtain and around the embroidery ring a couple of turns. Do this in 5 places evenly distributed around the embroidery ring. Secure with a neat knot.

04. Collect all the threads and try to make the bed canopy hang straight. When you are satisfied, tie all 5 strands together.

05. Hang the bed canopy at a suitable height above the cot in a properly screwed hook. Cut off overflow wires.


Want to see a short video of how I did it? Click here!
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Vad fint! Vart har du köpt den broderingsringen? :)


Vilken fin sänghimmel😍
Och tack för fina instruktioner, en fråga hur stor ring i diameter behöver man?
Mvh Susanne

Susanne Sidell

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