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What Cork Fabric is and Why I Fell in Love with it

What Cork Fabric is and Why I Fell in Love with it

Last year I found the coolest material: Cork Fabric.

Ever since then I’ve been absolutely in love with the material and trying to come up with new ways to use it.

To this day it has resulted in The Corky Collection with a couple of smaller items, but I’ve also made this backpack as a project for school.

I love the texture, the feel and look of it and how versatile it is.<br>

If you haven’t tested it out yet I highly recommend testing it for yourself. I promise you will love it too!

 The Corky Bow Tie by Sandramaria |

What is Cork Fabric?

Cork fabric is - as straightforward as it sounds - a fabric covered in a thin layer of real cork material.

The cork it self is harvested from Cork Oaks, usually in Portugal. The trees can be harvested every nine years.

The material is originally used for wine corks etc. but recently it is also used in accessories, home decor and furniture.

Cork fabric is a vegan alternative to leather as it behaves quite similarly. Leather, however, is not machine washable but some cork fabrics are.  

 What is Cork Fabric? Why I love this awesome material - and why you should too! | By Sandramaria |

Why I Fell in Love with it

I love working with cork fabric! It is much softer than leather and goes through my sewing machine as easily as a thicker fabric.

Similarly to leather you don’t need to finish any edges or think about hemming with this fabric.

The end result is also very aesthetically pleasing, and I’ve learned to love the look of it.

As a leather works lover I especially love how all the things I can make with leather easily can be made with this material as well.

The fact that it is machine washable also provides me endless possibilities for new products, and if you haven’t noticed - my logo labels are now made of cork as well!

 What is Cork Fabric? Why I Fell in Love With it - and Why You Should too! | By Sandramaria |

Tell me: Have you made anything out of cork fabric yourself?

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