November Vibes & A New Launch

It is finally November and the holiday season has officially started! Yay! I'm the craziest Christmas person and I'm so excited to get started on decorating our apartment and making lots and lots of christmasy treats. Me and my sister, who did her work experience program at Sandramarias last week, kickstarted the season by eating rice pudding, listening to Christmas carols and decorating gingerbread. My husband thought we were crazy - and well, we probably were - but I loved how she was as excited about everything as I was!

Christmas by Sandramaria| Blogpost | November vibes.jpg

During my sisters stay here we worked quite a lot on my new winter collection. I will be participating in a christmasy craft fair later this month and I've planned on launching the new collection around the same time. I'm super happy about how it's turning out but I still have some details that needs to be fixed before I'm completely satisfied. As a little hint, I'm planning on calling it "The Waffle Collection", due to the fabric being used in most of the products being called Våffeltyg in Swedish, which means "waffle fabric". Haha. A little corky, I know. But the name has really grown on me and now I can't even think of another name. What do you think about it? Too silly? Please let me know in the comments!